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The Avocado Show serves incredibly tasty signature dishes made from sustainable and socially responsible avocados


The first restaurant - opened 2017 in Amsterdam - was immediately a big hit. The creators, Ron and Julien, are planning to bring this concept to avocado lovers all over the world. It’s all about great food, good vibes and enjoying the moment. The aim is to open The Avocado Show in every cool city across the globe.


Ron Simpson: "The greatest thing about working with Shawn is that she brings more to the table than funding; valuable knowledge, experience, network and a great character. As she handpicks everyone she wants to work with, it’s a relationship of mutual respect. Allowing you to be yourself and chase your original idea and dream. It’s fun and easy to communicate with Shawn and she is always there when we need her."

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Avy is a Dutch startup developing self-flying aircrafts for a sustainable future


The team is focused on making a global impact in more ways than one. These drones are unique as they can fly hundreds of kilometres, can send back pictures immediately and “feel” heat at the same time. Think about the opportunity to save rhinos and elephants from poachers in Africa. What about detecting fires at a very early stage in high risk areas like Portugal. And delivering anti venom in a remote area after a snake bite. We could locate people in need and assist emergency services. We are just getting started!


Patrique Zaman: "Shawn is one of the rare people in 'business-land' that is warm, straightforward, honest, adventurous and willing to make a positive impact on the world, all at the same time!"

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80 Acres Farms is building and running local farms across America growing healthy produce


Remember the taste of a tomato when picked from your own garden? How about bright green basil with a tremendous explosion of taste, freshly picked and delivered today? 80 Acres Farms is making this happen. This company is building and running local farms across America growing healthy and tasty produce right around the corner. No pesticides, no fungicides, 90% less water and very low food miles.


Photo by: Maddie McGarvey

Mike Zelkind: “Shawn is a phenomenal entrepreneur with a unique vision of how to make the world a better place and how to build great companies. She is willing to share her insights about starting and running a business, derived from her personal experience. Shawn has always been there for us, from the moment we met her and she has become a friend, which is unheard of in the VC world.”

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Volta-Energy develops and rents sustainable generators from solar energy


No Smell, no emissions, no noise! So no more complaints from the neighbors and completely sustainable.

The solar panels create energy, the batteries supply the needed storage and possible peaks in demand. There is a backup with biofuel that has never been used, just in case. Since we have a smart system, we know how much energy is used per project. Roel and Luc have proven that almost all of their customers (building sites and festivals) need much less energy capacity than they think. From our data we know that only 15% of the total energy is used on average. This saves on costs and avoids spillage of diesel energy that is only going up in the air. Our local governments do not want to tolerate noise and air pollution from diesel generators any longer, since there are other options. Brilliant!

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Nanny Nina is the new and digital babysitting service


Looking for the perfect babysitter, nanny or an Au Pair? Is it for a special occasion, for every morning or evening, or very last minute? Check out this platform! Nanny Nina is currently located in most major cities in the Netherlands and have offices in Oslo and Belgium. A good screening including references is done before the person is available on the website. It’s fast, efficient and dependable. The founders Jasmijn and Lyla are authentic, responsible, and embrace change with a sparkling personality. The goal is to be the best babysitting service and platform in Europe!


Jasmijn & Lyla: "Shawn built a big company from scratch: she is a go-getter, inventive and someone with character. Shawn has a vision when it comes to coaching her startups, she is involved and we have a super good feeling about working together. We're really looking forward to getting started"

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Tholin Robots builds robots that can do several tasks per day


True automation, developed by Tholin Robots. Founder of Tholin Robots, Remco Hoftijzer, has developed a control suit that a person can wear in order to program the robot with a task. With the help of this suit, it only takes a few minutes to program the robot. Would you like 100 cartons to be folded? 300 or 30,000 parts to be moved or removed? It’s possible with Tholin Robots! The robot can be programmed to do several tasks a day, or the same job for 24 hours. Tholin Robots delivers the control suit and all the robots needed. This results in major cost reduction in personnel for companies and a perfect solution for the redundant work that us humans do not want to do anymore. Brilliant idea!


Remko: "Shawn has given me the opportunity to actually build my designs and therefore given me the opportunity to start my business. I'm looking forward to working with Shawn in the future and starting a new robotic revolution together!"

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Thuishulp Rotterdam cares for you and your loved ones…


Thuishulp Rotterdam helps people that need extra support, so they can continue to enjoy their normal daily life. As our population gets older, this company creates a win-win situation by creating work for part timers who support the senior population so they can stay in their trusted surroundings. Thuishulp Rotterdam can help with activities like showering, giving medicine, making appointments, or going shopping. The service providers usually live in the same neighborhood so they can make sure that there is healthy food on the table, or stop by when it’s time to get ready for bed. We also have services to assist with medical care with accredited personnel. It’s the future way of keeping costs down and supporting each other!


Jan-Willem Hoogeweegen: "We are really happy with Shawn! Shawn is involved in a pleasant way, professional and positive. And she has a good network, which she is sharing with us. Shawn sees the bigger picture and really gives us wings to develop our ideas to contribute to society and build a successful business."

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ProudBreast developed The Qup to empower women worldwide


Suzanne and Clary connect women around the globe with one or no breast and inspire them to live unconcerned lives. That’s why their company ProudBreast developed the Qup. The Qup is a comfortable filling for a bra so women can live their life symmetrically, without any hassle. It is durable and comfortable, easy to wash and fits in all kinds of lingerie. A worldwide community is being created, where tips are shared, stories are told, and a better quality of life is being shared.


Clary Scheres: "As a female startup, we wanted an investor who understands the vulnerable side of our product and at the same time supports us with commercial and solid advice in order to reach more women. Only few investors fit that picture. Shawn gives good advice and brings lots of experience. We were pleasantly surprised by this perfect match."

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Be amazed by the passion and knowledge of our experts about our exclusive products


What originally started as a ‘haute perfumerie’ boutique in The Netherlands has evolved to become the most ultimate shopping experience of Europe. We completely transformed the store by remodeling it completely, tripling it in size and rebranding it to Love the Look.

Take a seat and enjoy a cup of coffee of glass of champagne in our luxurious shop while you shop or just relax.

Love the Look offers exclusive perfumes, jewelry, hand bags, hats, gloves and many other things that every woman has on her dream list. Things that you cannot find anywhere else without a flight and an appointment…

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Agriplace a global platform for compliance


It is hard to imagine, but agricultural compliance documents are mainly managed in Excel files with manual collection of information. This has created inefficiencies and lack of insight from farm to fork. Agriplace has the ambition to change the way this is done around the world. We capture the relevant information once and share it in a safe and efficient way throughout the supply chain. Saving loads of money and time in the process. A system based on accurate information, trust and efficiency.


Nico Broersen: "Shawn has made a world of difference for us. She has helped us bring focus back in the business and streamline our operations, subsequently accelerating the business. In addition Shawn’s knowledge and her reputation in the agricultural industry has helped us enter the market even quicker."

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Innovalens is changing the way lenses are made


Intraocular lenses are implanted in the eye after the removal of cataracts. Innovalens has developed a unique inline molding production technology for high quality, finished or semi-finished intraocular lenses. This is a real game changer for the industry. It’s a very efficient and accurate process, reducing production costs and dramatically increasing output. The quality control of the lenses during production is integrated in the process with full traceability.

Orange Wings became an investor in 2016 when Innovalens was already a scaleup.


Leo van Doorne: "Having Shawn as an investor makes growing your business even more fun. She always has a positive drive and is very solution-oriented. She is a rare example of a top entrepreneur who can perfectly separate important from small issues and who is excellent at both operational and strategic level."

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