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Gearbox Innovations enhances growers, breeders and traders to safeguard quality and work smarter every day.

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Gearbox sets new quality standards in monitoring, grading and control by converting data and insights into efficient crop, fruit and flower handling through vision, AI and robotics. By developing, designing and building advanced and data savvy machinery and equipment, hortibusiness, food and agriculture are enabled with the highest possible degree of control over their product quality. Their digital workforce consisting of a quality inspector, cultivation assistant and harvest assistant, makes the sector smarter every day.  

Simone Keijzer, co-founder of Gearbox: “Thanks to Orange Wings we could continue to grow into the (inter)national market. It enabled us to continue to innovate and deliver data-driven robots on a larger scale and in a shorter period of time. Shawn is the perfect match for us, as she has a vast amount of knowledge and experience in the sector. Her extensive network and personal touch are always a great support and inspiration for us. She believes in our story and helps us grow. That is worth so much more than just the financial boost!

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