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HappyBear is a Dutch company specialized in modern, washable nappies made from natural materials like bamboo, cotton and hemp. With fun prints and easy fastenings, this sustainable and affordable alternative is perfect to use from birth to potty training.

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HappyBear significantly reduces the impact on the environment by generating less waste, but also because children using washable nappies are usually toilet trained a year earlier. The diapers have a very high absorption level, cause less allergic reactions and are of such high quality that a second or even third child can happily wear them. HappyBear was funded by Orange Wings after appearing on Dragons’ Den. The diapers will be available in a major Dutch supermarket and worldwide through Amazon in the fall of 2021. The biggest Dutch baby store Baby Park is also planning to stock HappyBear.

Jeffrey Scholten, co-founder of HappyBear: “We produce diapers for good, in order to create a better future. The more people choose HappyBear, the bigger – or rather: smaller – the impact becomes. Great, right?Co-founder Ramon van Groesen adds: “We could not have asked for a better or nicer investor than Shawn Harris. She knows how to get things done and she inspires us to become the best possible entrepreneurs we can be.”  

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