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Loop Biotech

Loop Biotech is the initiator and builder of the world’s first ‘living’ coffin.

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The Living Cocoon is a groundbreaking, sustainable alternative for the traditional coffin. The invention contributes to efficient composting of the body, thus providing an enriched nutrient medium for trees and plants. Mycelium is the driving force behind the design and conception. This root-like structure of a fungus converts toxins and organic materials into valuable nutrients for nature.

Loop Biotech was founded in 2020 by Bob Hendrikx with the intent of restoring balance with nature and innovating within the death-care industry. The company’s team consists of entrepreneurs, scientists, designers and engineers from different backgrounds. In addition, YES!Delft, Naturalis Biodiversity Institute, TU Delft, various advisors and former CEOs act in an advisory capacity.

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