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Love The Look

Love The Look (LTL) is a luxury boutique in the center of Rotterdam, specialized in niche perfumes, fine jewelry and unique accessories including bijoux, bags, sunglasses, hats and gloves.

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LTL offers one of the most exclusive shopping experiences in Europe for both men and women. During the Perfume Experience for example, customers discover their perfect perfume whilst enjoying a drink. And as an expert jeweler, LTL is known for its craftmanship and authenticity, with personally selected and tastefully designed pieces, all responsible produced. Apart from shopping for new gems, LTL also takes care of maintenance and repair, adjustments and valuation of jewelry. With the focus on service, emotion and experience, shopping at this boutique is always relaxed and special.

Agnieska Malison, managing director and shareholder of luxury boutique Love The Look: “The LTL concept appealed to me straight away and I knew that this successful business woman could teach me a lot. Shawn is not only a bold entrepreneur, but also a very sympathetic person. She is a great mentor that brought out the best in me. Shawn’s honesty and straight to the point mentality, have made her my role model. She is always there when I need her to value my ​​entrepreneurship, ambition, guts and plain hard work.”

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