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Nanny Nina

Nanny Nina is a ground-breaking Dutch app, allowing users to easily and quickly book a reliable childminder.

2020, 2021
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The startup was founded by twin sisters Jasmijn and Lyla Kok and secured an investment by Shawn Harris after appearing in tv-program Dragons’ Den in 2020. A second investment followed in 2021, financing the first international pilots. Now the focus is on increasing the number of active users and further deploying the app across the border. Apart from offering the perfect babysitter, nanny or au pair, Nanny Nina also trains candidates to become pedagogical professionals; the childminder diploma can be obtained in six months at the Nanny Nina Academy.

Jasmijn Kok, co-founder of Nanny Nina: "Shawn is a go-getter, very inventive and someone with loads of character. She built her own company from scratch, not letting anything get in her way and she is inspiring and supporting us to do the same. Thanks to Orange Wings, we dream bigger than we ever have - and we are becoming better entrepreneurs than we have ever been. Shawn obviously has vision when it comes to coaching her startups. She is always involved and it feels great to work with her!”

Photos: ©Maybel Matser

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