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Volta Energy

Volta Energy is the solution for reliable and clean energy on mobile locations. The startup was founded by brothers Roel and Luc Bleumer to increase sustainability in the mobile energy market.

2020, 2021
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Construction site by construction site, event by event. Volta Energy combines the use of solar panels and batteries with smart IT-solutions to create a sustainable, clean and self-sufficient system. Their clean generators offer the reliability of a conventional one, but without the emission, noise or odor pollution. With their innovative new system, the company takes a stand against climate change and contributes to the energy transition to a sustainable world.

Roel Bleumer, co-founder of Volta Energy: “We have proven that almost all of our customers, be it building sites or festivals, need much less energy capacity than they think. From our data we know that on average only 15% of the total energy supply is used. Our clean generators offer a great alternative without noise and air pollution – vices that our local governments are rightfully not tolerating any longer. Shawns’ support has been vital in Volta Energy becoming what it is today. With Orange Wings’ first investment after our Dragons’ Den appearance, we were able to build seven new batteries. Shawn triggers us to think big and with the second investment we are now working on new prototypes. Her experience and input make it so much easier to realize these huge steps. We look forward to keep growing together!”

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