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Giving wings  
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Orange Wings Investments is an early-stage VC for the changemakers with brilliant ideas.

With financial, strategic and hands-on support, we guide innovative startups to accelerate faster, smarter, and beyond their wildest imagination.

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You don’t become an entrepreneur because it’s easy or convenient. You decide to start your own business because you want your life to have a greater purpose. Because you are trying to build something bigger than yourself, and to leave the world measurably in a better place.

Orange Wings Investments gladly invests in the early phase. We are a high-performing team of experts who enjoy advising and supporting major decision making in this stage, because that is when it is needed most.

Shawn Harris, CEO and founder of Orange Wings Investments: “I want to pay it forward by giving promising entrepreneurs, who are making a positive social or environmental impact, the support I wish I had received back then so that they can accelerate much faster than they would otherwise. Orange Wings Investments is already the go-to VC for early-stage startups that want to make an impact in the Netherlands, and I want to make it even better!

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With our dedicated team of experts, it is our mission to help and inspire you to be the best you can be. Great ideas can grow into great business, given the right support. Orange Wings Investments offers anything from funding to financial management and from recruitment to PR. We support every aspect of business development.

The world needs to continue to invest in startups in the early phase. At Orange Wings Investments we are determined to be there from the beginning."

Shawn Harris

“Feel free to contact us if you have a brilliant idea!”

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