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Orange Wings was founded in 2016 to invest in new startups and to connect great ideas with stakeholders and other investors. We help entrepreneurs believe in themselves, their intuition and their vision.


Our first investment (funded in 2016) was Innovalens, a startup specialized in new production techniques for Cataract Replacement Lenses. The company was taken over by Johnson & Johnson three years later. The Avocado Show (funded in 2017) is another one of our success stories. We were told time and time again that it would not work, that no one would be interested in a mono-product restaurant. And now The Avocado Show is opening franchises all over the UK and Europe.

Orange Wings is not a typical investment company. We don’t just pump money into startups. For us, it is all about handpicking ideas and staying personally connected in order to guide entrepreneurs to be more productive and creative.  

We’ll help them become unwilling to acknowledge any barriers until their goals are achieved.

Prerequisites that we consider before investing are prior hard work and determination, the quality of a business plan, short- and long-term profitability expectations and commitment to innovation. We also look at sustainability goals (social and environmental impact), the uniqueness of an idea and leadership skills. Not necessarily in that order and maybe the plan does not fit all the requirements (yet).

It all starts with you being convinced that we will believe in your idea!

Criteria and values


Be who you are, say what you mean and stick to your word.
Success starts with doing what you believe in and sticking to it.


Everyone should be aware of their impact on the environment and others. Sustainable and social impact should be part of the backbone of your company. 


Focus and determination are the keys to overcome obstacles and reach
your goals. 


Great leaders have a knack for inspiring others to believe in their vision and goals. They are authentic and completely focused on their business. 


The best ideas are often simple, but always unique. You can’t stand out unless you bring something new.

Shawn Harris

Shawn Harris, founder and former CEO of Nature’s Pride, started Orange Wings as a startup accelerator for promising businesses.

Shawn enjoys the challenge of investing in startups and scale-ups, with game changing ideas that have high potential. It is the reason why she is one of the Dragons in the Dutch edition of tv show Dragons’ Den. She truly loves helping entrepreneurs keep their feet on the ground and their head in the clouds, so that the optimal potential can be achieved. Hard work is key, but a good plan and keeping to it is also a major part of being successful.

©Amrita Panday

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