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Loop Biotech goes international; expansion to Austria

Collaboration with Bestattung Wien brings living coffin across the border

24 October 2022


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Loop Biotech

Presentation Loop Biotech Austria
Living Cocoon

The Dutch startup Loop Biotech is expanding abroad, achieving a first in Austria. Bestattung Wien exclusively purchases the Loop Living Cocoon and opens the first all-natural cemetery in Vienna. The coffin can be used for natural and conventional burials.

Loop Biotech inventor, architect and biodesigner Bob Hendrikx discovered the potential of mycelium - the root network of mushrooms - during lengthy materials research at TU Delft. Mycelium is one of nature’s best recyclers as it converts both toxins and dead organic matter into valuable nutrients. By making use of this living organism, the coffin is completely biodegradable. In this way the circle of life is complete again, allowing for new life to flourish in the earth.

Thanks to an investment of €1 million from investors Shawn Harris (Orange Wings) and Pieter Schoen (Shoe Investments), Loop Biotech in the Netherlands has been able to get off to a flying start in recent months, including a collaboration with the Netherlands' largest funeral director.

“We are also at the table with other parties to be able to offer the Living Cocoon in several countries. High wood prices and increased interest in eco-friendly funeral solutions make the product more relevant than ever. The fact that the Living Cocoon can now also be used for cremations makes the demand even greater. Thanks to Bestattung Wien, we can take a first step abroad, which fits in the growth plan for the coming months. Hopefully the living coffin will soon become the norm worldwide.” says Bob Hendrikx, founder and creator of Loop Biotech.

Jürgen Sild, General Manager of Bestattung Wien, agrees, "With the new living coffin, we can now offer a natural burial for the first time in Austria that does not require cremation. This saves resources and saves CO2 and allows people to have a natural burial for whom cremation is excluded. We are proud to be able to offer this new coffin exclusively.”

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