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Loop Biotech launches improved Living Cocoon and 2 new products for natural funeral

21 May, 2023


Loop Biotech


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Loop Biotech

Loop Biotech product portfolio
Loop Earthrise™

Delft startup Loop Biotech - initiator and builder of the world's first 'living' coffin that enriches the earth - presents an improved, more organic version of the Loop Living Cocoon™. Due to its organic shape, the coffin is also produced in a more price-friendly way. To answer the demand for more eco-conscious funeral product options, the startup is also launching the first fully biodegradable urn and carrier.

​​The first design of the Loop Living Cocoon won several design awards. As a result, the company, founded in 2020, has gained a lot of brand awareness in a short time, and subsequently, new insight. One of Loop Biotech's visions is to make its line of products as broad as possible and for every budget to maximize positive climate impact. The company intends to achieve this goal with an adapted, organic design inspired by the unique streamlining of the body. The new design fits better in nature with its round, organic shapes instead of a tight square customization.

“We are growing a new generation of products that enrich life and nature. To make our planet livable for current and future generations.” - says Bob Hendrikx, founder of Loop Biotech.

Loop ForestBed and Loop EarthRise

Loop Biotech also introduces two new products developed to meet customer demand. The Loop ForestBed is an open-top coffin cot on which the deceased lie wrapped in a biodegradable cloth. The carrier is designed to be an alternative option to the coffin, and considers those who may be uncomfortable with a closed casket. The Loop EarthRise is an urn designed to completely reintegrate into nature. The urn, shaped like the trunk of a tree, has a lid in which a plant is placed, all to symbolize and actualize the continued growth of the deceased in the form of a tree. Consumers can choose to bury the urn in the garden or in a nature cemetery, or put it above the fireplace and have loved ones decorate it with organic paint.

The new products and associated accessories are now available through Loop Biotech’s webshop and partner companies.

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