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Nanny Nina becomes Nina.care: largest child care platform has international ambitions

16 February 2023


Press Release


Orange Wings


Jelle Draper

Nina.care founders Jasmijn & Lyla Kok
New app Nina.care

Nanny Nina, the ground-breaking Dutch platform allowing users to easily and quickly book reliable child care, seems unstoppable. Founded in 2019 by twin sisters Jasmijn and Lyla Kok, the child care service now provides families the ability to find the right au pair in addition to babysitters using an algorithm. And thanks to its rousing success, the company will enter into international markets with the launch of a new app. Nanny Nina is now Nina.care.

It’s important for both parents and especially children to click with their au pair. And with popular demand and rising costs, finding the right au pair is increasingly difficult. To better address these challenges, Nina.care launched an au pair pilot program a year and a half ago. The program turned out to be a bull’s eye: 300 au pairs linked to individual families. The company now expands its new au pair services to the broader audience with a significantly improved algorithm and functions like personality tests to better match au pairs and babysitters with families. The goal for 2023 is to reach 700 total matches.

We are extremely proud of how Nina.care has evolved over the years since its kickstart following our participation in Dragons' Den and the investment of Orange Wings, led by angel Shawn Harris. Spaces for child care are limited, and costs are rising. We are breaking new ground in the market, and already serve a quarter of the total market in the Netherlands, garnering 2.7 million euros in turnover last year. We hope to almost triple that by next year. Great news for those needing regular, reliable and often more affordable child care,” says Jasmijn Kok.

Internationally scalable platform

Following the name change and addition of au pair services, Nina.care will launch a new app to scale its expansion into international markets. According to Lyla Kok, “The new application fits in seamlessly with the new branding and growth plans. We have added a number of features, such as optimized user flows, a points and reward system, dynamic pricing at peak times, additional screening options such as ID verification, and the ability for babysitters to invite parents if they think it’s a good match. In addition, we have taken into account time zones, different pricing per country, translation function, and multiple currency support. Even when families are traveling or on holiday, Nina.care can be particularly useful.

Currently, there is no European service provider that offers both babysitting and au pair services at this scale. The Kok twins are zeroing in on the opportunity. During the pilot program, the demand from the UK turned out to be enormous. Brexit instigated bankruptcy for local providers, which in turn generated increased demand. To fill the gap created by the economic downturn, the company will offer its services to the UK beginning Q2 of 2023. Germany will shortly follow in Q3. Nina.care is also researching the possibility of expanding its services to pet sitting and senior care.

The Nina.care app is available now in the App Store and Google Play Store. For more information, visit the website www.nina.care.

About Nina.care

Nina.care is a pioneering Dutch child-care platform, which allows users to easily book a reliable babysitter and au pair online or via an app. Founded in 2019 by twin sisters Jasmijn and Lyla Kok, the company received an investment from Orange Wings after participating in Dragons' Den. The Nina.care app is now available in the App Store and in the Google Play Store. For more information, visit the Nina.care website.

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