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Volta Energy embraces sustainable bio-methanol as fuel to replace polluting generators

Dutch market leader Volta Energy strengthens its position in the transition to more sustainable mobile energy solutions.

12 December 2023


Volta Energy




Jan Ruland van den Brink

Founders Luc & Roel Bleumer - ©Jan Ruland van den Brink
Volta Energy solar generator

Dutch market leader Volta Energy strengthens its position in the transition to more sustainable mobile energy solutions. Their rapidly growing technological advantage, combined with a financing facility from Rabobank, enables the scale-up to triple its rental fleet by 2024 and offer more environmentally friendly energy options. The integration of bio-methanol fuel cells into solar generators marks another significant step forward in mobile energy solutions.

The energy market and stricter construction regulations demand environmentally friendly alternatives. Volta Energy's latest innovation is the methanol fuel cell with bio-methanol, generating CO2-neutral energy. Operating under the Energy as a Service (EaaS) business model, Volta Energy supports businesses in this transition, allowing them to continue their operations sustainably, efficiently, and at a competitive rate.

Currently, Volta Energy is working on deploying a methanol fuel cell to replace bio-diesel generators. Inspired by the maritime industry, where methanol is frequently used as an alternative to diesel, Volta Energy explores sustainable alternatives. This new fuel cell only activates when the battery is depleted, ensuring functionality in adverse weather conditions and during winter when there is less sunlight. These eco-friendly fuel cells not only benefit the environment compared to old diesel generators but also require less maintenance, operate silently, are nitrogen-free, and produce no odor. Currently, a camera security system and traffic systems are powered by a Volta generator equipped with a methanol fuel cell.

Co-founder Roel Bleumer stated, "Innovation is at the core of everything we do at Volta Energy, aiming to develop the most sustainable solar generator on the market. Our mission is to supply every construction site in the Netherlands with a Volta. Within three years, we aim for Volta Energy to be fully CO2-neutral and have provided sustainable alternatives for all backup generators. Customers will hardly notice the switch to fuel cells from diesel generators, as it is not visible externally. We deliberately chose this approach to make the transition to sustainable technologies as smooth as possible for our customers. They simply plug into our outlet, and it works immediately. Additionally, expansion into other countries, starting with Germany, is high on the agenda."

Rabobank Financing Facility Facilitates Carbon Neutrality

Initially started by two brothers in their parents' barn, Volta Energy has grown, post-participation in the Dragons’ Den TV program, into a rental fleet of over 200 generators. The €12.5 million financing facility from Rabobank will be utilized for constructing new generators, allowing the production of over 400 new generators by 2024. At least 160 units will be equipped with the sustainable backup of methanol fuel cells. Fuel cell technology is still in its infancy and rapidly evolving. The scale-up anticipates hiring thirty new employees to produce new generators and coordinate rentals.

Wouter van Workum, Rabobank account manager, expressed, "As Rabobank, we confidently invested in this fast-growing company that makes a tangible contribution to the energy transition. In a time where sustainability guides the course, we see Volta Energy as a frontrunner in this field. Through continuous innovation and professionalization of operations, they are ready for the growing demand, and as a bank, we are proud to contribute to this."

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