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Oyster Heaven

Oyster Heaven is a marine conservation organisation that regenerates oyster reefs at an economically and environmentally sustainable scale.

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Oysters play a crucial role in marine biodiversity, helping to filter the water just like trees clean the air. The reefs formed by these mollusks also provide useful shelter for other marine life to flourish. Regeneration is urgent and necessary. Only 15% of oyster reefs remain.

Oyster Heaven is working to change that. And oyster reefs are one of the most natural and cost-effective ways to do so.

Founded in 2021 by George Birch, the company uses holistic, science-based and scalable solutions to help clean our oceans. By helping oysters thrive, the company gets closer to its vision of a society where people, vital industries (such as housing and food suppliers) and marine biodiversity can continue to exist comfortably in the future.

George Birch, founder of Oyster Heaven: "Working with Shawn and Orange Wings Investments has been phenomenal. I never expected the level of support and warm advice from an investor that we have received. It is so much more than the money. I know we wouldn't be anywhere near where we are today without her and her team."

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