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80 Acres Farms

A vertical farming leader based in Hamilton, Ohio, operates eight indoor farms built with world-class technology and analytics by the company's tech-focused subsidiary, Infinite Acres.

2017, 2018, 2020
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80 Acres Farms grows a variety of pesticide-free fresh foods that last longer in consumers' homes and exceed the highest standards in food safety. Its salad blends, microgreens, herbs, tomatoes, and cucumbers are available from retailers including Kroger, Whole Foods, The Fresh Market, Jungle Jim's Markets, and Dorothy Lane Market, as well as foodservice distributors including Sysco and US Foods.

Mike Zelkind, co-founder of 80 Acres Farms: “Shawn is a phenomenal entrepreneur with a unique vision of how to make the world a better place and how to build great companies. She is willing to share her insights about starting and running a business, derived from her personal experience. Shawn has always been there for us, from the moment we met her and she has become a friend, which is unheard of in the VC world.

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