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A perfect solution for unused office space. Plekky - founded late 2020 - connects companies with a new generation of entrepreneurs (looking for a place to work).

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The perfect solution for office space that isn’t used (at the moment). Plekky connects companies that have surplus square meters available, to the new generation of entrepreneurs looking for a place to work. This not only makes it a sustainable idea, but also a flexible one. Suited for the new hybrid way of working, you can use Plekky when you have part of a team working at the office and a part at home. It’s affordable, easy to use and works for both companies that need a large office space and startups that only have a couple of employees.

Casper Noordhuizen, co-founder of Plekky: “We are only just getting started and the Dragons’ Den investment has really changed the game for us. As young entrepreneurs we are really new to doing business on this level and Shawn’s extensive experience makes all the difference.

Business partner Tom Remy adds: "It is great to have the help of Orange Wings in building our company, as we are now entering a whole new phase of running Plekky. Very exciting”

Photos: ©Bart van der Peijl

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